U.S. MRI was established in 2007 as an independent advanced medical imaging center. The business was developed to provide an alternative to hospitals for patients who needed medical imaging. As an independent imaging center, U.S. MRI has been able to provide a better patient experience through significantly lower costs, superb customer service, and the highest quality imaging. U.S. MRI was started with just one location, and today there are four locations (and counting), making U.S. MRI the largest independent imaging center in Utah.

Creating a superior patient experience and the highest quality imaging has required U.S. MRI to be innovative in their selection of equipment used.

U.S. MRI is the only independent center in Utah that uses a 3T MRI. This specific MRI machine is considered the most diagnostic and powerful MRI in the world. It also boasts the quietest procedure environment and fastest scan time. This allows us to have the most diagnostic images available for referring physicians, and it creates the most comfortable patient experience.


U.S. MRI is the official medical provider for U.S. Ski and Snowboard, U.S. Speedskating, U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton, Weber State University athletics, Utah Valley University athletics, USA Wrestling, and the Utah Falconz. These professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes rely on the highest quality of medical care for recovery and return to their sport with longevity, which is why they have chosen to work with U.S. MRI. All U.S. MRI patients receive the same quick access, fast results, and high-quality imaging as these athletes of the world.





Monday - Friday 6AM-10PM, Saturday 7AM-7PM

1982 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Suite L

Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


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