What are the different types of fire alarm systems?

Type 1: Conventional Fire Alarm Conventional fire alarm systems are connetd via a single cable that connects them to a fire alarm control panel. This pane displays a signal when these components activate. Conventional Fire Alarm systems are generally low cost and efficient systems suitable for small facilities. Conventional Fire Alarms do have some limitations. When components produce a signal and an alert appears on the control panel, there is no adiditional information identifying which specific component is detected the fire, or where it is in the building. Type 2: Addressable Fire Alarm Addressable fire alarm systems are a more modern, smarter system. All components are individually conntected to the panel and tagged with unique identifiers. When one of the system’s components initiates, it indicates the component’s address on the fire alarm panel. Larger facilities utilize these systems because they can accurately pinpoint where the signal originated, saving time and aiding any response from emergency services.

How does a fire alarm system work?

Do I need a fire alarm system?

Why are fire alarms required?

How do you determine what type of fire alarm system is required?

What types of fire alarm systems are there?

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